The Union of ALL Student Workers at WWU

Higher education is the great social equalizer.  As the cost of rent and university enrollment skyrockets in Bellingham, Western Administrators can and must meet educational and operational student employees at the bargaining table to face the challenge of making WWU accessible to students with diverse and underrepresented socio-economic backgrounds together.

Operational Employees

Program Support Staff, Recreation Assistants, Clerks, Laborers, Lifeguards, Resident Advisors, Assistants, Attendants, Editors, and many other jobs.

We do much of the work that keeps the lights on, keeps people safe, and keeps WWU running smoothly.

Signing a Union card is joining the majority of your coworkers and saying “Union Yes!”

A Union means democracy in the workplace. A Union means helping each other out and having people in your corner.

What the ESEs won this year in their first contract shows why saying “Union Yes!” means big wins for working students.

Educational Employees

Tutors, Peer Advisors, Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Library Assistants, Faculty Assistants, Laboratory Assistants, and Computer Assistants

We do a massive amount of the teaching, instructional, and research work that makes WWU run on a daily basis

Signing up for WAWU membership is part of the community of care that we’ve been creating for the past few years at Western.

Our dues are our power, how we fight back against corporate greed.

The foundational contract that we fought for and won together can only be built on if we continue curating that culture of collective care in our workplaces – encourage your coworkers to sign up as well!

OSE Bargaining Committee Election

OSEs are facing urgent workplace issues and are some of the only employees at WWU not protected by a labor contract!

In order to start bargaining with WWU as soon as we are able to, it’s time to elect our first ever OSE Bargaining Committee.

Any current Western student who has worked in an OSE position in the past 2 years and has signed a WAWU authorization card is eligible to run for a position! Check out our Elections page for more details

Enforce your rights

ESEs won big this year with a historic first contract. But just because Western agreed to these terms doesn’t mean they’ll actually follow through.

That’s why a group of ESEs and OSEs have come together and formed the Advocacy and Contract Enforcement (ACE) committee.

The ACE committee will help guide any student worker (OSE or ESE) through the process of fighting for their rights. If there’s something wrong in your workplace, email the ACE committee.

Expand the Pie

WWU plays a critical role in the education and research that benefits the state of Washington. It’s unacceptable that our institution continues to be underfunded, when we give so much back to our community and our state.

As a unified body of all 5,000 unionized workers at Western (WFSE, PSE, WAWU, UFWWU, SEIU), we are calling on the state legislature to provide Western with the funding  it deserves.