The Union of ALL Student Employees at WWU

ALL Student Employees need:

Higher education is the great social equalizer.  As the cost of rent and university enrollment skyrockets in Bellingham, Western Administrators can and must meet educational and operational student employees at the bargaining table to face the challenge of making WWU accessible to students with diverse and underrepresented socio-economic backgrounds together.

Ratify our First Contract!

Contract Info Sessions

Bargaining Committee Office Hours: 

-Kitto Student Hub Haggard Hall: 10am – 3pm

Friday – May 24th, Tuesday – May 28th, & Wednesday – May 29th

Tentative Agreement Town Hall

– Fraser Hall 101: 6pm

Wednesday – May 29th

OSE Authorization Cards

Until WWU volutarily reconizes us, we will continue to strengthen our majority of Operational Student Employees who want to form our union. Download and fill out an Authorization Card!


Why not US?

OSEs are facing urgent workplace issues and are some of the only employees at WWU not protected by a labor contract! We provide essential labor to WWU and need the opportunity to democratically determine our working conditions. Sign/share our recognition letter, to show WWU that our fellow coworkers, students, friends, and even staff/faculty support our demand!

Days without Voluntary Recognition

OSE Filing Date: 12/13/2024

Expand the Pi(e) Day Rally:

A collaboration with ALL the unionized workers of Western to fully fund WWU 

 WWU plays a critical role in the education and research that benefits the state of Washington. It’s unacceptable that our institution continues to be underfunded, when we give so much back to our community and our state. As a unified body of all 5,000 unionized workers at Western (WFSE, PSE, WAWU, UFWWU, SEIU), we are calling on the state legislature to provide Western with the funding  it deserves. 

Hundreds of WWU Workers filled red square on Pi Day (3/14) to show Western that we want to work with them to expand the pie. Add your name to the petition to ensure that WWU gets adequate funding from the state 

Western works because WE DO. Let’s work together and take away any excuses that the pie just isn’t big enough for all of us.

Upcoming Events

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