Educational Student Employees

We are:

  • Tutors, Teaching Assistants, Peer Advisors, Research Assistants, Library Assistants, Faculty Assistants, and Researche Advisors
  • We do a massive amount of the teaching, instructional, and research work that makes WWU run on a daily basis
  • We filed a petition with the WA State Labor Board in December 2022
  • We passed a law to clearly enshrine collective bargaining rights for academic student employees at regional universities in WA
  • The WWU Administration has supported our legal right to unionize
  • The WA State Labor Board is currently holding a vote for our formal recognition. Please take a minute to vote yes!!

We are having an election to get certified!

The WA State Labor Board is currently conducting an election to determine whether or not we’ll get certified to form a union. We need everyone to come out and vote yes!

BC Election Updates, Tuesday Sept 19th

Last night, nominations for the Bargaining Committee closed. The results of the nomination period are shown below. 4 candidates were elected by acclamation (they were not contested), and 1 seat will be decided via election later this week. The following 4 positions...

Meet Your Bargaining Committee Candidates

I want to be part of the conversation as I’ve been a research assistant for 5 years at western. I also am I communication major so I know how to communicate effectively our demands. Hello! My name is Paige and I'm running for the research assistant (RA) bargaining...

We’re holding a vacancy election!

Bargaining Committee Elections Announcement Nominations for the WAWU Bargaining Committee are now open. Accept your nomination (here) before the deadline on Monday, Sept 18th! Western Academic Workers United (WAWU) will soon start bargaining with the WWU...

Sign the Authorization Card

Forming a union is a democratic process. We intend to obtain union recognition by having a majority of WWU Operational Student Employees (OSEs) sign union authorization cards. When a majority of us sign cards to authorize our representation by UAW, the Washington...