We are:

Tutors, Teaching Assistants, Peer Advisors, Research Assistants, Library Assistants, Faculty Assistants, and Research Advisors

We do a massive amount of the teaching, instructional, and research work that makes WWU run on a daily basis

We filed a petition with the WA State Labor Board in December 2022

We passed a law to clearly enshrine collective bargaining rights for academic student employees at regional universities in WA

The WWU Administration has supported our legal right to unionize

We won our Union with a 98% YES vote in May 2023

We have been bargaining our first contract with WWU Administrators since October 2023

We’re holding a vacancy election!

  Bargaining Committee Elections Announcement Nominations for the WAWU Bargaining Committee are now open. Accept your nomination before the deadline on Monday, December 11th! Accept your nomination using THIS FORM! The Bargaining Committee (BC) is the elected group of...

Check out our Bargaining Center page

We’re currently bargaining a first contract. Visit the bargaining center to learn more!