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On May 29th the WA state labor commission (PERC) will conduct an official election on whether or not to certify WAWU Educational Student Employees as a union. This should be the final step for official recognition, which will enable us to start collectively bargaining a contract with the WWU Administration. Take a minute and sign the pledge to vote (on the left), so we can reach out to you when the voting opens!

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We’re voting UNION YES ✅ because:

✅ We deserve a seat at the table determining our own working conditions, instead of WWU Administration having unilateral control

✅ Educational Student Employee wages and salaries have barely changed in the last 20 years, even while the cost of living has skyrocketed in Bellingham

✅ We shouldn’t have to deal with last-minute scheduling and unexpected loss of hours we were counting on

✅ Getting a tuition waiver for working should not be limited solely to grad students, undergrads and grads should all be eligible for tuition waivers

✅ Protections and benefits like family leave, sick days, health insurance are critical for making sure that students from all backgrounds can continue working and learning at Western. 

✅ We want a democratic voice in our own workplace!

For more information about the election:

  • Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • Get in touch with a member of the Bargaining Committeee
  • Attend our next Monthly Membership Meeting
  • Email us any time at

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Our election will start Monday May 29th. PERC and its balloting partner, IntelliVote, will be sending out ballots electronically. Each person will get a PIN in one email, and a ballot in another.