12/13/23 Operational Student Employees Have Filed for Recognition!!!

On December 13th, 2023, all 1,100 of us deemed “operational” student employees filed to form a union with majority support from the members in our unit. We filed at the Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC). We also delivered a letter to Western Administration requesting recognition for our union, Western Academic Workers United-UAW (WAWU-UAW). We will potentially be the first unionized student employees in Washington state including ALL student workers at a university, regardless of what type of work we do!

Operational workers make up half of Western Academic Workers United (WAWU). We have been working since May to get a majority of signatures in support of forming this union and we are in such an historic moment in time! Operational Student Employees include Program Support Staff, Recreation Assistants, Clerks, Laborers, Lifeguards, Resident Advisors, Assistants, Attendees, Publication Editors, and more. We perform critical work including managing events, providing support services, doing outdoor education and recreation work. We are demanding better working conditions! There are constant struggles around low and late pay, unsafe work environments, unpredictable schedules, and the need for a voice at work to determine their working conditions. 

This is only the beginning! We are still collecting Auth Card signatures, which need to be signed in pen and then uploaded. We need more people involved always and are happy to catch anyone up to speed/answer questions and chat about your workplace anytime :D. 

Contact at our email: ! Happy Winter!!